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     I am a devoted mother, Middle School Counselor, HBCU Graduate and Founder of the Black Santa Directory.  I started the Black Santa Directory in 2016 when I was looking for a Black Santa to take a photo with my family.

     Before 2016, with basic Google searches, I've traveled up to 4 hours in order to have representation that reflects my family.  Since The Black Santa Directory compiles a worldwide directory of over 300 plus events a year, the search is over and is available to you, the Black Santa seeker.

     Representation matters: Seeing a person of color that represents a magical, giving spirit during Christmas time is a great memory for all children.  Make no bones about it, Santa is Santa, no matter his color.  It is my hope that one day,  Black Santas are an option in every major mall in the United States and abroad.

                                                                                                        Vivian Walker

                                                                                                Black Santa Directory


Meet the Founder of the Black Santa Directory

          Black Santa Directory is featured in the  

                        December 2020 issue of  

                    Oprah Magazine! (page 33)


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