For nearly 50 years, Fred Parker was known as the "Seventh Ward"or "Chocolate Santa" in New Orleans.  His holiday spirit lives on in the many photographs that span generations.  He was a pioneering legend and a Santa that many will never forget.




For many years, Langston Patterson has been the main attraction at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Los Angeles.  Langston was the only Black shopping mall Santa Claus in the Los Angeles area.


Fred Parker
Langston Patterson.png

 Black Santa by Bishop Frederick Barr Ft. Derek Minor

                                      Released 2019

Fred Parker



Our Santa Legends

Langston Patterson



Black Santa History


The Secret History of Black Santas


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Black Santa in Music


Santa Claus is a Black Man by Akim & Teddy Vann Released in 1973          My Santa by RKHTY and Marky- Released in 2017

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